Who are we?

An initiative of the European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA] and Pain Alliance Europe.

The MEP interest group focuses on the below themes in an attempt to improve the quality of life of all those living with brain, mind and pain disorders across the EU, as well as their families and carers:

Eradicate stigma, isolation and discrimination:
A lack of public awareness of BMP (Brain, Mind and Pain) disorders feeds their stigma and the associated isolation and discrimination suffered by BMP patients, carers, and their families
Ensure equitable access to treatment, services, and support:
Access to treatment, services and support is a topic of concern for patients in Europe due to high failure rates, delays in market access, relatively expensive treatments, and inequality in access across, but also within, EU Member States
Promote patient empowerment for increased involvement and engagement:
Patient empowerment is a means for more effective BMP patient engagement and meaningful involvement in the research, medical and policy conversations which affect them

Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) is a Pan- European umbrella organisation of 33 national associations in 16 EU Member States. These organisations represent nearly 400,000 individual chronic pain patients. For PAE, quality of life for a chronic pain patient means giving the patient the right to choose the best possible solutions and support to live his life according to his possibilities.



The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) is an umbrella group representing pan-European neurology patient groups. Our slogan ‘Empowering Patient Neurology Groups’ encapsulates our goals as an Association. We strive to add capacity to our Members – allowing them to be the most effective advocates possible in their own disease specific areas. EFNA embraces the concept of Partnership for Progress – working at a high level with relevant stakeholders from the fields of policy, medical, scientific/research, industry, patient partners and other key opinion leaders.

This initiative has been made possible through support from:

Tier 1: Ipsen, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Teva


Tier 2: Novartis


Tier 3: Grünenthal

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