The Book of Evidence

Book of Evidence

The second edition of this Book of Evidence (BoE), a key policy document focusing on Brain, Mind and Pain (BMP) disorders and an initiative of EFNA – the European Federation of Neurological Associations – and PAE – Pain Alliance Europe – is a highly valuable and important document, which points to the urgent need for more focus on the many issues surrounding BMP disorders. The BoE provides a clear insight into the urgency of the challenges facing people with BMP disorders, their carers and families. Concentrating on three key challenges that stand in the way of addressing the burden of BMP disorders and tackling each of these in a systematic way followed by clear policy recommendations, the BoE is a must read for policy makers, patient groups, and the broader stakeholder community alike.


Concept notes

  • The impact of Brain, Mind and Pain disorders on Women’s Health and Well-beingdownload here
  • The Socioeconomic impact on those living with Brain, Mind and Pain disordersdownload here