Upcoming Event

Turning principles into action: best practice in reducing health inequalities

10.00 – 13.00hrs, VIRTUAL EVENT

The annual conference of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain will explore best practices in reducing health inequalities for those living with neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions.

High level stakeholders will discuss how we can advance meaningful policies and interventions to address the drivers of this health inequity, before we take a practical look at examples of best practice that can be scaled up and applied to these disease areas.

As always, we will be focusing on our three priority thematic areas: stigma, access and patient empowerment, but with a more targeted focus on different population groups prone to experiencing healthcare inequities – such as the elderly, and women.

Come along to learn more and have your say on how the Interest Group can tackle these challenges in 2022 and beyond!

View the selected best practices in neurology and chronic pain here

Download the agenda here


Past Events

Turning principles into actions: best practice in reducing health inequalities
Nov 19th, 2021 – Virtual Event


Achieving health equity after the Covid-19 pandemic
June 15th, 2021 – Virtual Event


The future of brain, mind and pain advocacy
Nov 10th, 2020 – Virtual Event


Ensuring equitable access to treatment, services and support
Nov 22nd, 2019 – European Parliament, Brussels


Fighting Discrimination at Work for those affected by neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions
March 6th, 2019 – European Parliament, Brussels


Future of Healthcare in Europe – What next for brain, mind & pain?
November 21st, 2018 – European Parliament, Brussels


Optimising Patient Relevant Outcome Measures for sustainable healthcare systems and strong economies
June 20th, 2018 – European Parliament, Brussels


How can the EU #MakeWorkWork for young people affected by brain, mind and pain conditions
February 21st, 2018 – European Parliament, Brussels


Ensuring equitable access to high-quality treatment in brain, mind and pain disorders
November 22nd, 2017 – European Parliament, Brussels


The Value of Early Intervention in Brain, Mind and Pain Conditions
July 12th, 2017 – European Parliament, Brussels


Optimising the European Social Pillar to #MakeWorkWork for those affected by brain disorders and chronic pain conditions
March 8th, 2017 – European Parliament, Brussels


November 29th, 2016 – European Parliament, Brussels


Launch of the Written Declaration – Access to Employment for those affected by brain disorders and chronic pain conditions
October 25th, 2016 – European Parliament, Strasbourg


Patient Involvement in Research – How and Why those with Brain, Mind and Pain Disorders must be involved?
June 22nd, 2016 – European Parliament, Brussels


Neurological and Chronic Pain Disorders at Work
February 24, 2016 – European Parliament, Brussels


Tackling the Stigma of Neurological and Chronic Pain Disorders
October 14th, 2015 – European Parliament, Brussels


Health Prevention and Promotion Event
June 24th, 2015 – Brussels


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