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The President of the European Parliament has implemented a three week ban on external meetings being held in the European Parliament, due to the ongoing Coronavirus public health concerns. We will closely monitor the situation and we plan to reschedule the meeting for a later date.

What impact for those living with brain, mind and pain disorders?

Seated Breakfast Meeting

March 17th 2020, 08.00h to 09.30h
European Parliament, Brussels
Room: Members Salon, ASP 0 G  
Hosted by: Isabel Wiseler-Lima, MEP

On this occasion, we would like to zoom in on the European Commission’s communication on “Enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market; empowering citizens and building a healthier society”, as well as the Parliament’s motion for a resolution on the same topic that was published in December 2019.

The Commission’s communication states that “European coordinated action in this field can bring tangible benefits for citizens and health systems in the EU, making it possible to tackle major health challenges such as cancer or brain disease…”

Therefore, we would like to explore how we can best optimise these frameworks and arising policy actions to improve the quality of life of those living with neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions, as well as empowering and involving patients more meaningfully in their own healthcare.

 The draft agenda can be found HERE.

You are invited to register by completing the online registration form before March 6th : https://forms.gle/ruqutGYdR2Yk8WUC7

***NOTE: As this is a seated breakfast meeting, we need to monitor the number of participants as there are limited places available. European Parliament badge holders are also asked to register officially too. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will close earlier if all places have been filled. Finally, we request that only one person per organisation would attend.***

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