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Ensuring equitable access to high-quality treatment in brain, mind and pain disorders –
Case-Studies from across Europe

When: 22 November 2017, security registration 7.45am
Where: European Parliament, Brussels

Access to quality healthcare is a basic citizen’s right – yet it is still not a reality for all of us.  Large health inequalities persist in the EU and many patients do not have access to effective treatment for neurological and pain disorders. Uncontrolled symptoms worsen the personal and economic impact of these disorders, new and better treatments are urgently needed.

How can we ensure universal access for all to effective and affordable medicines, health and care services?
How can we create conditions to better manage brain and pain disease and prevent avoidable health deterioration?

Our next meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain, will look at ways to ensure equitable access to high-quality treatment in brain, mind and pain disorders and will examine case-studies from across Europe.

We will be joined by European Academy of Neurology & the European Pain Federation.

The final agenda is available here.

The meeting point for those who do not have a parliamentary access badge is at the European Parliament main entrance (ASP steps, space Simone Veil).

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