Event to launch the MEP Interest Group on brain, Mind and Pain

25 February 2015


Message of Support



Dear Members of Parliament,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I fully support the new Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain.

We all know that brain disorders and chronic pain are common, disabling and costly chronic disorders.

Brain disorders can affect people all over their lives and drastically reduce their quality of life and ability to participate in society, at school and at work.

Brain disorders are still surrounded by stigma; and people experiencing such disorders do not always receive the support they need.

This is a challenge for society as a whole. A study suggested that, in 2010, brain disorders generated close to 800 billion Euros in costs paid by citizens, health and social systems.

In this context, I welcome the intention of the Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain to focus on supporting concrete action.

Today’s presentation of the “Book of Evidence” is an important step to map priorities for action and to launch a call for action.

This is indeed what Europe is about: Identifying what works in one part of the EU, sharing knowledge, encouraging and supporting evidence-based policies.

I share your concern with mental health and brain disorders and look forward to co-operating with the interest group in the years to come.


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