Do you have  an example of best practice to share that could inspire our work in the brain, mind and pain field (BMP)? If so, we would like to hear from you and offer you a possible opportunity to present your work at our annual conference to a panel of high-level policy makers!

Topics of the calls for best practices
Under each thematic focus area of our Interest Group we have selected one priority action for which we are seeking best practice solutions:

Stigma, discrimination and isolation

Raising public awareness of the needs of those living with neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions at all ages

Access to treatment, services and support

Improving education and information on neurological and chronic pain conditions, and their management

Patient empowerment

Empowering women living with neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions to engage more effectively in shared decision-making

 Who can apply?

  • Persons living with neurological disorders and chronic pain conditions, their carer or representatives
  • Patient organisations, civil society organisations or non-governmental organisations
  • Healthcare Professionals or Scientific Societies
  • Industry
  • Local, regional or national public health authorities

 Why apply?

Your proposed best practice, as well as your work will get recognition at EU-level.

Shortlisted stakeholders will have the opportunity to present their work to high-level policy-makers at the next meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain that will take place on 19 November. If your project is selected you will be asked to prepare a five minute presentation (pre-recorded) and invited to participate in a panel during the live event in November. This is a unique opportunity to explore ways to partner with policy-makers and have your initiatives endorsed or funded.

This could be a great opportunity to work at cross-border and multi-stakeholder level with key partners in the healthcare ecosystem on collaborative applications for EU funding, ensuring that these best practices are take forward.

The Interest Group will showcase the selected best practices on its website and social media channels, so they will receive the attention of a broad network of stakeholders.

The submitted best practices will inform the advocacy and policy activities of the Interest Group, representing the basis of the Interest Group’s workplan in 2022. They will be used to boost policy discussions about public health concerns or when issuing recommendations on developments that can be rolled out or scaled up at EU level.

 How to apply

Please share your best practices via the link above no later than Wednesday, 13 October, 2021.

Some background information:

On 15 June, the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain held a working session that brought together policy-makers, healthcare professionals, patient organizations and industry representatives to discuss “Achieving health equity after the Covid-19 pandemic”.

During the session, three parallel workshops took place, which looked through the lenses of stigma, access and patient empowerment into the experiences of different population groups (younger and older people, vulnerable groups impacted by geographical disparities, and women with BMP disorders) prone to experiencing healthcare inequities. Participants at the workshops were then asked to co-decide which of the challenges experienced by these population groups were the most feasible to solve in the short-term.

Based on the identified challenges, we are happy to launch these calls for best practices, through which we aim to look for examples or ideas that could effectively address  them. A high-level Selection Panel will assess the best practices, and the shortlisted ones will be presented at the next meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain that will take place on 19 November.